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Want to know if an Official has been assigned to your match?Printable

Want to know if an Offical has been assigned to your Match?

The NSYSA and KPSRA (Kitsap Peninsula Soccer Referee Association) Websites are as of the 2013-14 season no longer linked to so as to enable the sharing of important information.

Because of this inability and other internal changes to the KPSRA Website, no one can any longer see the status of U11 and above Referee assignments on any match listed on the NSYSA website.

How to Check Referee Status for a Match

You can check to see if your match has an official assigned by simply viewing your schedule and ensuring that the "Referee" box in the Criteria section is checked.

See Sample Display below:

ICON Meanings:

The Referee status you will see will be one of three possibilities. In each case, if the Icon is followed by a K - then the match official is being assigned by KPSRA. If no K is present, then the match official is being assigned by the Small Sided Assigning System within the NSYSA Website.

Here are the possible displayed icons:

  • Open or Unassigned at this time:
  • Assigned at this time:
  • Unknown Match on the KPSRA site at this time:

We hope you find this information useful.