How to Send Text Messages as E-Mail to Your Cell Phone ?Printable

A Member can Opt-In to have Subscription Lists/Mail texted to their cell phone. This is Opt-In because automatic generation of text messages violates good website protocol.

How to Properly Configure the EMail Address

The Member must first create the appropriate EMail address in their User Profile which must be properly configured for their particular Cell Phone Provider.

To properly configure the EMail address, type the 10 digit cell phone # and then add the applicable Cell Providers routing information into the appropriate email address block using the appropriate format:
- Example for a Sprint customer.

Below are the proper configurations for several of the major Cell Phone providers:

Sample in User Profile - EMail Tab

Below is an example showing EMail Address #4 configured to send a Text Message to A Sprint Cell Phone and the Members Mail is set to be routed to:
- Mail
- Email address #4 - as a Text Message

Important Things to NOTE About Sending Text Messages

The concludes this FAQ covering Text Messages