Risk Management

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Washington Youth Soccer has an established Risk Management Program, part of which is to operate a background check information program for volunteers and employees.

If you are a volunteer or employee of Washington Youth Soccer, any of it's Member Associations (NSYSA or OYSA) or their member Clubs, or a member of another soccer organization utilizing the services of this website, you are required to obtain and maintain a valid, up to date Risk Management Clearance through Washington Youth Soccer.

Current Risk Management Status

NSYSA has received the following Risk Management information from Washington Youth Soccer for:

  • RMA:
  • Status:
  • Expires:

If you believe this to be incorrect, please first review Member: Risk Management-Processing for more information.

Take note that should the RiskMgmt Name in your User Profile under the Biography Tab not match the name you used when you submitted for your Affinity Risk Management (i.e. Affinity Name of Donald and RiskMgmt Name of Don), a match will not be found and therefore on the NSYSA website, your record will indicate no Risk Management.

If this is the case, simply re-enter the proper RiskMgmt Name combination into your own User Profile under Member: Profile - Biography Tab and log on again.

If you have any other issues regarding your RM status on the NSYSA website, please notify your club registrar for assistance.

Applying for Risk Management (Original or Renewal)

To apply for either an initial or renewal of an existing Risk Management clearance, we recommend that you do so via the instructions provided by Washington Youth Soccer here->