Soccer To The Maxx

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2021 Soccer to the Maxx Jamboree (Local Tournament) - Sign-up TODAY!Printable

This Jamboree is in honor of Maxxine Burns, a long time volunteer for youth soccer from our soccer community

The Soccer to the Maxx Jamboree is open to U08-U09-U10 Boys and Girls teams from NorthwestSound Youth Soccer Association (NSYSA) and registered with Washington Youth Soccer.

All Teams are guaranteed 3 games.

Games will be scheduled for play on Sunday October 3rd (Week 4 of the 2021 NSYSA Recreation Fall Season).

Games will be hosted at Mt. View Middle School and North Kitsap Soccer Club. Times and locations of games will be posted on the NSYSA website around September 26.

THANK YOU! To the BSC Club for hosting play for this years’ Soccer To The Maxx!

Cost Details
Entry Fees for the Soccer To The Maxx Jamboree: $115 per team. Please check with your clubs to see if there is any assistance from your club for the jamboree fee.

Entry Fees for all accepted teams will be billed to each applicable Club following the Application Deadline.


Entry DetailsThe 2021 Soccer To The Maxx Jamboree Application Deadline is: September 14 2021 @ 5 PM.
Applications will be accepted in order of being received, based on the capacity of the facilities provided by the hosting Club. Team limits, per age and gender, may be based on the capacity of the facilities provided by the hosting Club.

Applications are to be submitted via the NSYSA Website. Applications will be accepted solely from Team Staff Members (Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, etc.) via the Coach Segment on the website. This access is located on the NSYSA website on the Coach application and then Soccer to the Maxx.

Please include in your application a request with the number of T-Shirts, including each particular shirt size for your team members. (i.e. #’s of Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth large, etc.) Also, include size for team coach(s) (2 each maximum per team).

Soccer To The Maxx Jamboree Rules
1. Have Fun!!!!
2. There will be no standings as this is a JAMBOREE. All games will be played per Washington Youth Soccer Rule 302. Exception: Games will be 2 x 20-minute halves.
3. Bring your picnic lunches and chairs. SEE Rule #1

Soccer To The Maxx Jamboree - Guest Players The Soccer To The Maxx Jamboree rules allow for up to three (3) Guest Players per team. To have a Guest Player participate with your team, the following items must be properly completed and presented to the Field Marshal at the time the team checks in for the Jamboree:
1. For each Guest Player, a Washington Youth Soccer Guest Player Form must be properly completed and signed by the Association Registrar.
2. For each Guest Player whose participation would exceed team roster limits, the team will need to declare which players listed on the teams' roster will not be playing in the Jamboree. Such a declaration is for the entire Jamboree.

Should you have any questions on the Soccer to the Maxx Jamboree, please contact the Soccer to the Maxx Directors at soccertothemaxx@NSYSAsoccer.org