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Members: Simple Steps to add MatchChange push notifications to your NSYSA User Profile (Video)Printable

Video of Simple Steps for adding MatchChange push notifications to your NSYSA User profile

This brief NSYSA Tips Video covers the simple steps every NSYSA parent or player can use to configure MatchChange Notifications to your NSYSA User profile.
1) Sync your profile with your team(s)
TIP: Go to Member > Profile > Preferences and use the pull-down list to add the desired team(s) you want to receive MatchChange notices regarding.
Note: This step needs to be renewed each and every Fall as our Club's are required to update and re-register all Teams with their unique WSYSA ID#, Note: Knowing your team's WSYSA ID# is key!

2) Update or add to your User Messaging location(s). Go to Member > Profile > Messaging and determine where you wish to receive NSYSA MatchChange updates? We offer three locations.
a) Our In-System Mail Notification
b) Any of several e-mail addresses which you identify.
c) As a text to a cell phone. (For more details on working with cell phone networks see.-> [Note: Cell phone text delivery fees may apply. Reference this tutorial for identifying your cell-phone carrier and how you must configure receipt of NSYSA push notifications to your particular cell-phone provider.]

3. Go to Member > Profile > Messaging and be sure "Member.MatchChange" (at bottom of page) is associated with your preferred e-mail or text destination you wish to have match updates delivered automatically to.

Watch the brief video for complete step-by-step.Going