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NSYSA celebrates Club's Helping Give Hunger the Boot!Printable

NSYSA is proud of our clubs who hosted food drives for local food banks.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our regional Food Banks have seen as much as a 40-50% increase in weekly distributions over historic averages.

Responding to the time to help most has been our youth soccer clubs!

Cash has been proved as the most versatile donation food banks can receive - especially during COVID-19 - as they can use that cash to purchase their most needed foods for as little as 3 cents a pound! For this reason, and for simplicity in this time of social distancing, NSYSA has hosted a Food Drive donation page.

Additionally, many individual NSYSA Clubs have been hosting drive-by can collections, raffles, and other related fundraisers.

The need still exists. Please step up during this time to help your neighbors!
Visit any or all links for more information on how you can get involved and help. Thank you!

To review: Current (as of 7/6/2020) Clubs and Association Food Drive details are here:

  • JCSC ($784 raised, converted into 23,520 pounds!)
  • BIYSC ($4,000 raised for Helpline House and Bainbridge Youth Services)
  • NKSC ($575 in cash and 1,035 pounds of food collected)
  • TSC ($667 in cash and online donations and 483 pounds of food collected)
  • NSYSA ($356 raised, converted into 10,680 pounds!)
  • KAFC 1924 items donated weighing in at 1,084 pounds!


Thanks to TSC and KAFC for the pictures of their live food drive-up and all the partnership each Club's local Food Bank gave!

Thank you!