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If you are not currently a Northwest Sound Youth Soccer Association MemberMember and, if you would like to apply for access to the NSYSA Site as a CoachCoach, PlayerPlayer, ParentParent, RefereeReferee, AdministratorAdministrator, or in any other capacity, please complete the Registration Request Form (below) in it's entirety and click "Register" at the bottom of the page.

  1. Information collected here is ONLY used to identify who you are and determine your eligibility for access to the private portion of the NSYSA site. You are required to provide the basic identifying information about yourself for participation with the District. Please include in "Notes" your reason for application: ie., "current participant requiring access", "new to area and desire access"; "new Club or Association Referee"; "am a parent"; etc.
  2. The ONLY information that you will be required to divulge to the general NSYSA Membership is your Common Name, PrimaryPhone and PrimaryEmail3. Other information is available to the general membership only if you elect to make it so (by clicking on the checkbox next to the field title). You CAN change what you elect to make available at any time after you are accepted for participation on the District IV site).
  3. Once you have submitted the Registration Request Form and it is accepted, you will receive a Registration Request Confirmation # which will allow you to check on the status of your Registration Request by going to Logon: Status. NSYSA will process your Registration Request within two normal business days. Please return to the site anytime to check on the status of your request. Once it has been processed, you will be given further instructions as to how to Logon.
  4. You WILL be required to agree to the appropriate NSYSA Agreement(s) upon being approved for access to the NSYSA Site. Depending upon your involvement within the District IV, you may also be required to participate in the WSYSA Risk Management program.
  5. IMPORTANT - If you are using any Spam Blocking software on your desktop, please ensure that your Spam Blocker is set to allow messages to originate from webmaster@NSYSAsoccer.org or we may be unable to contact you via e-mail should the need arise.
  6. The Birthdate is REQUIRED for anyone needing RMA Clearance on this site
Site Name Legal Name
Address Org. of Interest
City Gender2
State, Zip ,
PrimaryPhone PrimaryEmail
Home Email1
Work Email2
Other Options Newsletter? PDL?
Role(s)4 Coach? Manager? Player? Parent? Referee? Trainer?
Birthdate mm/dd/yyyy format
Please...you only need to "Register" one time. You will then receive either a Confirmation Message of Receipt or a Failure Notice indicating a problem with your Registration Request and directions on how to proceed.

2The information in this field is NOT available in the Directory and you cannot elect to make it available

3Personal information permitted by a minor or the minor's parent to be displayed on the Site will NOT be available to any User that has not provided current RMA clearance.

4Select any or all that may apply!